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Eezi offers end-to-end physical and digital record management solution
which is world-class yet affordable.

Why Eezi Record Management
System (DMS)?

✔  An online digital storage to keep all that matters to you.

✔  A highly secure environment with controlled access to all stakeholders.

✔  Instantly accessible anytime, anywhere, any device.

✔  Instant availability of records for compliance and regulatory requirements.

✔  Improved Productivity, Efficiency, Savings on expensive office space.

✔  Seamless integration of multi-location offices.

✔  We offer a unique Doorstep Service which provides Cataloguing Management.


Features & Benefits



▷   Geo Tagging

▷  Retention Scheduling

▷  Powerful Content Search

▷   Reminders / Alerts for Action

▷   Version control

▷  Check-list based record submission

▷  White Labelling



▷   Entreprise Grade Data Security (AES 256) using Triple Encryption

▷  Encryption at will (AES or RSA).

▷  Industry first BYOK offering.

▷  Group/Department based control for individual access.(Access rights such as "Read Only” available )

▷  OTP based access control for individual file.

▷   Forensic quality activity Audit Trail & Reports.

▷  No ‘unrestricted’ access to ‘admin’.

▷  Browser Scan (no copy at device)

▷  Physical Records - Offsite Storage

Easy to Use


▷   User Friendly UI on web browser and mobile app

▷   Instant tagging & indexing

▷   Secure share with expiry timeline &variety of controls (view only, print, download , share further)

▷   Broadcast Notification

▷   Autodestruct

▷  Multiple Installation option ( on cloud or on promise)

Explore and learn how Eezi delivers comprehensive
end-to-end record management system at any scale


Eezi offers a one stop shop from businesses to individuals to make seamless transition from paperwork to paperless with unmatched support.


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Indiviuals & Families

You can use eezi as a one stop solution to digitize, store, controlled share, collaborate all types of documents such as PAN, Passport etc

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Eezi is a digital information management exchange that offers end-to-end physical and digital record management solution which is world-class yet affordable.

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